Why I started this blog…

Both from a professional and a personal point of view I am passionately interested in matters related to management and leadership, and almost childishly interrested in assessing new perspectives and models. I must, however, point out that all these models and theories have no value unless they can be applied in the context of actual practice – although applicability varies with different contexts. I also believe, that knowing which contexts, what limitations and weaknesses is also imperative for succeeding in applying these insights in better management.

Although I’m leading quite a hectic life (don’t we all?), this blog is my attempt to force myself into periodic reflection about my current and previous experience, my interrests, my pre-conceived ideas, behavioral preferences and dominant logic in my analyses.

Hopefully, it also helps me to grasp the essence of the theories having to express it in my own words. My hope is also that in doing this, I also inspire others and contribute to (although just marginally) improved management practice through increased awareness and self-reflection.

To all you people out there; I’m looking forward to your feedback…

Hope to see you soon back soon.


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