What I learned

As I tend to read a bit, I am planning to share my thoughts about some of my readings – pertinent to management and leadership litterature, of course. Although the main idea is to write about what insights I gained from the experience, I’m also planning to include a brief summary.

I am a firm believer there’s something you can gain from any piece of information. Mind you, I didin’t say all books are worth reading. Also, some times, the challenge is discovering what is important for you. I will share MY views.
As I commute to work by car almost every day (I know it’s not very politically correct) I spend about 1h15min a day in the car every day – if there’s no car-jam, that is. Four years ago I discovered audiobooks – a remedy that until recently seemed to be only addressing those with disabilities preventing them from visual reading. Luckily for ALL of us, the “iPod” revolution has changed that – a lot.

I’m looking forward to the experience

Best regards,

I am


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