Want more effort from your people? Create a rewarding culture…

Here’s a list of tips you can use to reward your employees by focusing on recognition rather than fierce competition:

  1. Avoid rewards that split workers, like the classic “sales person of the month”. When there’s only one winner, few will even try if they know they won’t make it. It separates winners and losers and creates separateness. I would suggest rewarding beating your personal records – or last month’s sales.
  2. Let your employees participate in setting their own goals, help them understand how it would help the team or the company- recognise their contribution.
  3. Encourage workers to praise each other daily. Establish an informal network, like newsletters or boards (or blogs/micro blogs), where they can praise their colleagues.
  4. Arrange meetings and give your employees the opportunity to tell others what they have achieved during the week – let them brag about themselves – but not too bluntly of course… 🙂
  5. Show your employees that you recognize their strengths and not just their results – results are sometimes dependent on other factors. How does each contribute in the overall picture?
  6. Make all employees aware of other people’s strengths and give them the opportunity to learn from each other.
  7. Let teams know effort pays off. Foster the feeling of achievement when you’ve reached a goal. Celebrate!
  8. Create and convey a vision of where you want the company to go, and how the team consisting of individuals are going to contribute to get there.
  9. Make a program for rewarding teams or parts of the organization, where everyone gets rewarded for the results of the team.

The list isn’t complete. It’s not the only way. It is just my way of saying – you don’t need huge incentive programmes – which sometimes have the opposite effect. However, we all need to be seen – recognized for our contribution and our skills…

After all – we’re only human…



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