4 simple ways to keep your employees happy

Is it important to keep people happy in the workplace? Ultimately, I leave that up for each to decide, but personally I believe, yes, keeping people happy enough is important. Consider it a necessity if you will. I also think that keeping people happy in their jobs is easier than it seems, especially if you focus on intrinsic rewards like pride in their work, rather than extrinsic rewards like money and stock options. I touched upon this in an earlier post as well – here’s four four ways to keep your employees positive I found in Anthony Tjan’s blog (http://bit.ly/A9hpL):

  • Create meaningful roles. Don’t be a stickler for job descriptions. Help your employees find what they like to do best and create roles that allow them to contribute to the bigger picture.
  • Give feedback. Tell your people regularly how they’re doing. Avoid generic feedback by being honest and thoughtful.
  • Offer professional development. Ask your people where they want to be in five years and be sure you are helping them get there.
  • Say “thank you”. Express your gratitude by thanking them regularly for their contributions.

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