Top Three Mistakes of Change Projects and What to do about it

According to the Swedish magazine Chef, the top three mistakes when undertaking organizational change projects (aren’t they all, really OCPs?) are:

1. All at once

You run too many change projects simultaneously. The resources go just so far, and the targets blend together. Chances are that these changes are never seen through

How to do it: Set clear goals for the project to set each change project apart. This includes setting objectives along the way, so it is easier to follow up. Getting early signs of progress can boost the next project.

2. Too fast

You’ve been part of the decision making process. You have a vision of what the company will look like after the change. You’re eager to move on. In this case it is not so easy to accept the change you encounter as you try to implement it. But keep in mind – not everybody has come as far as you have during this process – process is important and may take some time…

How to do it: It is difficult to implement change without engaging your employees. Communicate – a lot – for a long period. Keep informing until your employees ask you to stop. Your patience will pay off many times over.

3. You pull the load yourself
You don’t realize how much effort it requires to lay off employees and don’t ask for help. The consquence is that this process wears you down, physically and emotionally.

How to do it: It IS your responsibility to handle lay offs, but utilize your company’s resources. Maybe HR or one of your peers have similar experiences. Ensure that you have a mentor or helper you can discuss it with.

Luckily not all change projects include layoffs…



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