Coaching in a nutshell

The following post is a short reflection I made on the art and science of coaching.

We create our experience of life by crafting beliefs.  Our beliefs change throughout our lives; they are fluid and mutable. We can trace our development  by identifying adjustments in our beliefs.  But this  goes against hos many individuals perceive beliefs.  This I believe is the fundamental principles of the multi billion dollar industry that has come to constitute the coaching industry.

In coaching the first step is to make clients aware that they have beliefs.  This may sound absurd, but beliefs are often invisible to us.  We don’t frame our assumptions as beliefs but as truths; rather they are simply descriptions of the way the world works.

As your coachees begin to be sensitive to how much of their thinking is driven by the beliefs they hold, they will choose to shape beliefs that will serve them.  This may lead to a discussion about how beliefs are changed.

  • Make your coachee aware he/she has beliefs
  • Make your coachee aware of the beliefs that are not helpful and that they are free to choose otherwise
  • Help your coachee create beliefs that are helpful

How do you do this? By asking the right questions… THAT is the hard part!



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