5 management tips from Swedens “Boss of the year” Eva Hamilton

The Swedish magazine Affärldsvärlden awarded their “Boss of the year” award for 2009 to Eva Hamilton. In an interview with the magazine “Ny teknik”, she says that her leadership rests on five pillars, New Technic.

1. Communication.
Never underestimate people’s desire to know the reality of the situation, or their desire to understand complex relationships.

2. Build a strong management team with an open climate.
Within the group, ensure there is an environment in which you can “lose face”

3. “Move” the people in your organization.
Sow the seed as an idea, then make them believe it is their own decision

4. Be visible.

5. Respect and trust in trade unions.

I guess these are ingredients of what you could call the “Scandinavian model”…



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