7 keys to stress relief

Just before Christmas i picked up some reducing tips from from Dr. Randall Hansen which featured on the Swedish website Shortcut.nu. Here are a few of them:

1. Keep things in perspective.
What does work mean to you  in relation to friends, family and health? If the job requires too much from you it may be the right time to look for something new.

2. Take breaks.
Taking a break where you do something completely different IS good for you once in a while – go for a walk around the block, exercise, or perhaps sit at a quiet cafe  and listen to some music. Anything that can get you to relieve your mind from work-related thoughts if only for a little while.

3. Be organized – even if you’re not.
Clean Desk. It can provide you with a sense of control. To-do lists and making clear agreements and appointments may also be of help to get you organized.

4. Talk with someone.
Tell someone about the stress you feel on the job, it can reduce some pressure.

5. Have good relations with your employees.
If you know you have staff who will be there when push comes to shove, this can also reduce the  perceived levels of stress. Just remember to stick up for them, too.

6. Set realistic goals.
Even if you want to achieve more, there are still only 24-hours a day. Setting unrealistically high goals, will only increases the stress and lead to failyre.

7. Try to stay positive.
Try to stay away from people with negative attitudes, it drains your energy and motivation. Reward yourself when you succeed, even if nobody else does it or even sees it.




One Response to “7 keys to stress relief”

  1. Dr. Randall Hansen Says:

    Thanks for reprinting some of these. The complete article — with all the tips — can be found on the site where it eas originally published, QuintCareers.com. URL: http://www.quintcareers.com/managing_job_stress.html

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