Harvard Business Review articles on Aligning Technology with Strategy

HBR has published a special on Aligning Technology with Strategy. Here are eight articles included in the bundle.

Six IT Decisions Your IT People Shouldn't Make
Are your company's hefty IT investments generating weak returns? Your IT managers may be making decisions that clash with your corporate strategy.

Getting IT Right
Most top executives leave IT unsupervised, creating an expensive mess. Three organizing principles can set the situation right when orders are lost, help desks aren't helpful, or tracking systems don't track: Develop a long-term strategic plan, build a unifying technology platform, and foster an IT culture of accountability.

IT Doesn't Matter
IT has become a commodity with diminished strategic importance. It's time to focus on reducing risks and managing costs.

Bold Retreat: A New Strategy for Old Technologies
When a new innovation threatens your business, the tendency is to fight it or transition to it. Instead, try retreating boldly to a niche of the traditional market or relocating to a new market. Either way, the old technology remains the superior offering.

Information Technology and the Board of Directors
Most boards remain in the dark when it comes to IT spending and strategy. Here's how to change that.

Competing on Analytics
Some companies dominate rivals by amassing and analyzing mountains of data. There's much to learn from organizations that live and breathe the numbers.

Investing in IT That Makes a Competitive Difference
Companies using enterprise IT to breed innovative business processes are winning customers and gaining competitive advantage. By mastering the technology, rivals can not only match their moves but beat them.

One angry tweet can torpedo a brand. Empower employees to fight back through 
social media.



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