List of Books

Here’s my list of recommended books. These are books I have read myself (some even several times), and in one way or another has challenged or changed my view of myself or the world. In that sense they are all self-improvement. I have tried to organize them according to areas. Here’s the list:

Self awareness and improvement

** The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

This book one of the most famous management books from the 90’s. Look for a review coming soon.

Communication and persuation:

** Crucial Conversations/Crucial Confrontations

** Made-to-Stick
Seminal work by “Chip and Dale” helping you to get your most important point across. This book goes in detail on the “Stickyness-factor” as touced upon by Malcolm Gladwell in “The Tipping Point”. Here’s a review, a praise and summary.



** Strategy: Process, Content, Context

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